Ruth, age 7 – Dyslexia and Auditory Processing Difficulties

I highly recommend that any parent with a neuro-diverse child should explore whether there are auditory processing challenges that are getting in the way of them reaching their potential. I have a 7 year old dyslexic daughter who has just finished the Cluas program and it has had a significant impact not just on her learning but also on her overall well-being.  

Whereas before she always seemed to be in her own little world and often quite hard to engage with, she is now able to focus and listen more easily and I believe it has made everything a little easier for her. We are now able to have more comprehensive conversations without her being distracted by everything and anything. Her learning has picked up significantly and her teachers and family have all commented on the change. Her social group has broadened and I am hearing about more friends and requests for playdates.  

And perhaps most importantly, given the reduced stimulation, she is a happier child and I have noticed her mood and energy has improved.  

I am so pleased that we embarked on this journey as it’s easily been the most impactful support that I have managed to put in place for my daughter. 

Grace, June 2023 – Dublin