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The Cluas Programme

We understand the challenges parents may face when caring for a child with developmental issues. It can be overwhelming, frustrating, and at times, isolating.

If this is you, we see you, hear you and recognise the difficulties you might be dealing with. Our team is here to provide you with the expert, tailored support and resources you need to navigate this journey and help your child reach their full potential.

Our home-based Sound Therapy programme aims to retrain a child’s sound analysis and interpretation abilities, tailored to each child’s specific needs.

Supporting families

With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to supporting families and helping children develop to their fullest potential. We support families with children aged 2 to 17 years who are presenting signs of the following developmental challenges:

  • Sophie, age 5 – Speech & Language Difficulties 

    … Since starting on the Cluas Program Sophie’s personality has really progressed, she has much more confidence and often takes the lead in play situation …Her whole world has broadened and she wants to know everything about everything…”

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