Speech & Language Difficulties

Supporting Children with Speech & Language Difficulties

Does your child find it challenging to engage and express themselves when interacting with others? Have you noticed any delays or difficulties in your child’s language development milestones? Do they struggle with specific sounds or words? Have you
received feedback from teachers or caregivers regarding your child’s communication abilities? Perhaps you have already tried Speech Therapy but are not seeing the progress you hoped for?

These signs are commonly associated with speech and language difficulties in children.

When a child experiences speech and language difficulties or delays, it means they are not developing or acquiring speech and language skills at the same pace as their peers. This can be incredibly frustrating for the child, as they may struggle to communicate their needs and desires effectively.

Speech and language difficulties can significantly impact a child’s life, affecting their ability to concentrate, learn and thrive in various environments.

 We are here to help

We’re here to help you navigate these challenges and support your child’s development.

The Cluas Programme is specially designed to provide personalised support and an evidence-based approach to support children with speech and language difficulties.

Meet Lucy

Lucy has speech and language difficulties. She can say one-word sentences like “hungee” when she wants food, “up” when she wants to be picked up, and “bye” when she is going somewhere or is finished with an activity. She is now nearly 3 1/2 years old and is still speaking in one-word sentences. She has been attending Speech and Language therapy but has made little progress.


We know from our developmental assessment that Lucy has developmental delays and has had many ear infections. Developmental delay can occur when the neural pathways in the brain are not linked or fully developed; this delay contributes to Lucy’s Language delay.

Lucy’s ear infections may have caused her difficulties, so she could not hear important frequencies necessary for language at a crucial period of acquiring language. In addition, the infections may have weakened Lucy’s middle ear muscles, and now they are not as flexible as they need to be. The result of this is that Lucy does not hear the sounds of language the way her peers do, and thus she has a poor example from which to model her own speech and language.

At Cluas, we create and provide programs to help develop the vestibular, auditory, and language neural pathways to and from the brain. We use specially recorded music pre-processed with a sophisticated audio computer and then listened to on specialised headphones. The music Lucy listened to as part of her programme was gated and filtered in such a way that it gave her ear muscles a workout, encouraging them to contract and relax repeatedly, making them strong and supple.

Discovering Cluas

Lucy started a Cluas Programme, and within a short space of time, she had acquired more single words and then began adding two words together – “bye-bye ballpool” and “bye-bye horsey” to a rocking horse. Later still, she began using verbs and longer sentences – “I’m tired,” “I want up,” which developed further into “I want to go to bed,” and “I’m tired, will you carry me?”.
Lucy is now four and has made great progress in a short space of time. She is now a better listener, a lot calmer, and does not get as frustrated as she had previously. She will follow simple instructions and can stay at a task longer. Lucy’s parents are delighted with his progress so far and are aware that there is more work to be done; however, they are now a lot more optimistic that Lucy will survive in a big school when she is five. She is still receiving Speech and Language Therapy and is progressing much faster than before the Cluas Programme. Her parents are delighted and are also aware that Lucy will benefit from follow-up therapy.

  • Niall, age 5 – Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech & Language Difficulties

    “…Since doing the Cluas program his speech and communication has improved drastically. His understanding has also improved and his Speech and Language therapist is amazed at the rate of improvement…”

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At the core of the Cluas programme is a unique system of sound stimulation. Our programme uses music to retrain and improve your child’s auditory processing skills. We use specialised sound equipment, to retrain the way the children gather and process information

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What is the Cluas Programme …

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What is the Cluas Programme …

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What is the Cluas Programme …

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What is the Cluas Programme …

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