Hugh, age 8 – Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyspraxia and Speech & Language Difficulties 

Cluas has been absolutely wonderful for my 8 year old son. Hugh had speech delay and was diagnosed as having dyspraxia and ASD.  Hugh attended private speech therapy and public but he wasn’t improving. Hugh also found it hard to mix in the school yard. After the initial consultation with Ronan we found out this was because he didn’t know what direction sounds were coming from or hear voices over background noise.  

We had great fun doing all the activities while he was wearing the head phones and in a matter of months Hugh was speaking perfectly. He got a brilliant report in school whereas 1 year previously we had just received his diagnosis and were very concerned about his future. Ronan can tailor the programme to suit your child’s needs. As soon as Hugh speech became perfect we concentrated on his social skills.  

A huge difference has been made in terms of speech and social skills and confidence in Hugh. He is doing so well now and we also have the support of Cluas which has been brilliant. I would recommend this programme to every parent as it really helps children and can be the support to help them reach milestones they may not have met otherwise. It has helped us so much and I am extremely grateful. We will have Hugh assessed again but we are fairly sure his diagnosis will be revoked. We are so happy and I cannot thank Cluas enough.  

Brian, August 2023 – Dublin