Mina, age 38 – Dyspraxia 

I’m a 38-year-old female who has always felt different from others. I struggled with poor gross motor skills, like walking awkwardly and tripping for no reason, as well as poor fine motor skills, such as difficulty writing and using zippers. I also had a poor sense of direction and felt anxious driving, especially at night. Socializing in groups was challenging, and I often found myself in awkward situations. I had difficulty processing information and had a poor sense of time and organisation. Copying from the blackboard made me dizzy and nauseous. Despite these challenges, I worked hard to hide these traits, even pulling all-nighters for school tests at a young age. 

I had my consultation with Ronan in October 2022. Starting therapy with Cluas later that month, I quickly noticed improvements. My driving skills dramatically improved, with better depth perception and clear differentiation between left and right. Studying became easier, and copying notes was no longer nauseating. My concentration and control over my tone of voice improved, making conversations in noisy environments more comfortable. 

In May 2023, I had my final assessment, and I’m extremely pleased with the outcome of the therapy. Socialising is more enjoyable, and I even find myself singing, something I never did before. My overall mental well-being has drastically improved, and I no longer feel nauseous when reading or writing. My balance during yoga has improved, and I feel more emotionally stable, even with lack of sleep. Although there were moments during the program when I felt my brain was reverting to old habits, I have witnessed positive changes on a daily basis. Ronan reassured me that it takes time for the brain to fully embrace these changes, and occasional setbacks are normal. 

Overall, the therapy has been life-changing, and I am grateful for the support and progress I’ve made. 

Julia, May 2023 – Dublin