About Cluas and our Team

The Cluas Therapeutic Programme

We offer home-based therapeutic programmes to support children and their families with developmental delays or difficulties. 

We believe in a collaborative approach, working closely with you to create an individualised plan that best meets your child’s unique needs and fosters their growth and development.

Our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to Sound Therapy ensure that our programmes are at the forefront of therapeutic interventions.

So you can feel confident that your child receives the highest quality treatment available. Ronan is a level 4 Tomatis Consultant, and we use the most modern and up-to-date therapeutic equipment available.

The beauty of our programmes is that your child can participate from the comfort and convenience of their own environment. This home-based approach allows us to design personalised interventions that effectively address developmental difficulties, promoting growth and progress in a familiar and nurturing setting.

Our Centre in Harolds Cross

While our programmes primarily take place in the comfort of your own home, we also have a dedicated testing and consulting centre located in Harold’s Cross, Dublin.

This centre serves as a space where we can meet with parents and conduct essential assessments, including listening tests, auditory tests, and other evaluations that help us build a comprehensive listening profile for each individual.

Additionally, our playroom within the centre is fully equipped with age-appropriate toys, creating an engaging and supportive environment during consultations.

Meet our Team

“Every day, I meet children and their families – giving them insight and
understanding regarding their children is a privilege. But seeing the children develop,
progress and succeed is the real reason I do what I do here at Cluas.”

Ronan Maher | Clinical Director

Ronan is our dedicated clinical director at Cluas, who works closely with families facing developmental challenges.

With a strong academic background, Ronan holds a BA in Psychology, an M.Phil in Speech and Language Processing, and an MSc. in CyberPsychology. Ronan is a Level 4 Tomatis Consultant and, with Cluas, was the first to make the Tomatis Method available in Ireland. Ronan has also received professional training in Neuro-Developmental Therapy, Counselling, Sensory Processing, and Music

As your primary source of support and guidance throughout the programme, Ronan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure a nurturing and effective experience for you and your child.

Willemein Koelink | Practice Manager

Willemein, our Practice Manager, oversees the administrative and business operations at Cluas.

Whether you need to schedule an appointment or have questions about our programmes, Willemein is here to assist you and ensure your Cluas experience is seamless and hassle-free.

The meaning behind our name

The name “Cluas,” derived from the Irish word for “ear,” carries a special meaning for us.
The logo symbolises the importance of our ears for development. We believe listening plays a crucial role in understanding and addressing developmental difficulties.

By embracing the name “Cluas,” we emphasise our commitment to honing our expertise in sound-based interventions and therapies. Just as the ear captures and processes sound, we strive to create a supportive environment where we listen attentively to the needs of each individual.

Through our innovative, customised programmes, we help individuals thrive, communicate effectively, and reach their full potential.

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