Daniel, age 3 – Speech & Language Difficulties, Attention Difficulties and Sensory Processing Difficulties

Daniel aged 2 1\2 had few words. His attention was very poor. Daniel wouldn’t respond to his name when being called. His interactions with his family, relatives and peers were poor. He would get extremely upset and frustrated throwing himself on the floor and banging his head. He lived in his own world and would only communicate in his own way if he needed something. 

Cluas was recommended to us by a friend. Ronan was a fantastic support from the beginning. He made us feel comfortable and relaxed as we shared our concerns about Daniel. The first meeting with Ronan opened our awareness to sensory issues and we began our journey of learning the ways we could support Daniel. Daniel began the Cluas at home sound therapy programme in June. After the first stage we could see so much improvement in Daniel’s play, eye contact, listening and concentration skills. Words started to be spoken. 

Daniel has completed the 3 stages and his interactions and relationships with us have improved immensely. He now plays with his parents and older sister. He interacts with relatives. His voice can be heard with a lot of singing tones and words. There is a very happy boys laughter with lots of fun and enjoyment in our lives today compared to when he was just in his own world. 

Daniel started preschool in his creche in September and has settled into this group change extremely positively. He is engaging better with staff and peers. 

There are so many positive things we can say about Ronan and the Cluas programme and would have no difficulty recommending it. Thank you Ronan for all your help and support. 

Georgina, October 2022 – Co. Westmeath