Adam, age 3 – Speech & Language Difficulties 

Adam was 3 and had very few words compared to his classmates and friends. He was continually frustrated and it was beginning to affect his confidence and his ability to make friends. 

After the initial meeting with Ronan, he began the Sound therapy program and by the end of the first round of sessions there was a world of improvement. Now, after completing 3 rounds, he has gone from being so shy and reluctant to try to talk or join in in playschool to being a happy boy who will now chat all day long about anything and everything. 

I cannot recommend Cluas or Ronan enough, he has been an absolute joy to work with. He has such a kind and wonderful demeanour that every time I told Adam it was time to go see Ronan he was so excited, and now he can voice his excitement. We will never be able to thank Ronan enough for everything he has done for Adam. 

Shay, August 2022 – Dublin