Robert, age 10 – Auditory Processing Difficulties and Autism Spectrum Disorders 

Since the Cluas program, my son has changed in his ability to communicate, listen and interact with his peers and adults. This has greatly reduced his stress levels – which was the main reason for doing the Cluas program. 

His time in school has gone from a stressful one with “melt downs”, toiletry issues, lack of friends and “zoning out” to one where he now has friends, can interact in class and has lost the stress that showed before. He doesn’t walk on his toes as much, he willingly approaches visiting adults to talk. He has stopped bed wetting totally which use to occur during term time, another example of his stresses at school. He even goes on play-dates now! 

The most difficult time of the program was the start as we had to try and incorporate it into our busy day and to find things to do that were of interest. Once we got into a routine, it was easier. 

Cathy and John, January 2014 – Cork