Jack, age 6 – Auditory & Sensory Processing Difficulties

Our concern about Jack was his listening skills. I noticed that he just didn’t seem to follow commands and even when I spoke to him face to face it didn’t seem to register. School had noticed an issue with his listening skills also but found that once something was fully explained to him he could do it. 

Jack was also afraid of loud noises, like hand dryers in toilets and the lawnmower: he used to say his ears hurt and he had mentioned that school was very noisy and he couldn’t hear the teacher. 

So I did my own research and came across a condition called auditory processing disorder which can be caused by severe ear infections which Jack had as a baby. So we decided to give Cluas a call and make an appointment, which was the best call we ever made. 

The changes in Jack have been huge, from the teachers at school noticing his listening skills are much better, engaging with his peers and forming friendships – asking his friends to come back for playdates without telling me sometimes! and most wonderful of all was the change at home – seeing his sense of humour developing, interacting and taking charge in games, more self esteem and much more confident in himself, he’s not as tired and has more zest for life. 

I found the most difficult time during the program was keeping him on track towards the end. It was getting harder and harder to get him to engage but by and large the changes in Jack far out weighted a few tears because he didn’t want to do his magic music!! 

Jennifer, February 2014 – Co. Meath