Henry, age 2 – Speech & Language Difficulties 

At 2 years of age Henry was practically non-verbal. He spoke only a handful of words. Initially we had put it down to laziness or others speaking for him. 

After being referred for Speech and Language Therapy by the Public Health Nurse we decided to go to Cluas. Henry was diagnosed with a heightened sensitivity to sound. When explained everything fell into place and made sense to us as to why Henry would run when the hoover, hairdryer was turned on and why he would shy away when singing songs. 

Although skeptical of how it would work, we decided to proceed with the program and have not looked back since. We could see an instant improvement in Henry. His progression has been fantastic and it’s been great seeing his personality open up as a result. 

At times the program has been testing with Henry being pushed to his limits but every minute has been worth it when we see him grow with not only vocabulary but in his confidence also. 

Family and friends have been amazed at the progress Henry has achieved in such a short space of time. 

Ronan and Pascal have been fantastic and we thank them for all the support they have provided. 

We would 100% recommend Cluas. 

Audrey, August 2018 – Dublin