Valerie, age 13 – Auditory Processing Difficulties

Prior to the Cluas program, my daughter would not have had obvious hearing or processing difficulties. But she did say very often, “Wait. What?” Also, she had some behaviours which could be considered badgering or impatient, even a little hyper. 

She told me one day that she felt she had difficulty hearing. I knew her hearing itself was fine so suspected it was a processing issue. A Cluas evaluation confirmed this to be accurate and we commenced the program. 

What a difference! After the first period of the program I noticed the impatience had diminished. After the second segment it was gone altogether. Soon the whole family noticed that Valerie was no longer hyper. 

We are now finished with the program and we are looking at big differences. I would say my daughter is happier, more relaxed and the ‘”Wait. What?”‘ moments have all but disappeared. Her concentration has improved and she is a visibly more confident student. 

I am so grateful for this positive, non-drug, life changing treatment. 

Karen, November 2013 – Co. Monaghan