Lee, age 3.5 – Speech & Language Difficulties, Auditory Processing Difficulties 

Lee started Cluas in the middle of the summer. Back then he had very limited vocabulary and his understanding was very poor. He was very isolated too, playing by himself and appearing to be in his own little world. 

He was also very clingy towards me and would not leave my side when we were out, making any sort of day trips or visits to people’s houses’ quite difficult. 

The HSE had stopped his speech therapy and occupational therapy as he was getting so frustrated with it as he didn’t understand it – head banging during sessions when pushed beyond his capabilities. 

Since Cluas he is a different child. His understanding has greatly improved and he has a lot more words than before. He is even starting to put two word sentences together and seems to be able and ready for speech therapy now. 

He is a calmer, happier child and is so much more interactive with us and his friends and cousins. The frustration has stopped and so has the headbanging. The clinginess has also stopped and Lee has even started Montessori 5 mornings a week, something that I did not think was possible 3 months ago. 

Cluas has changed our lives and really helped Lee, I would recommend it 100% and thank the team for helping Lee and us as a family. 

Cindy, October 2014 – Dublin