Evelyn, age 7 – Attention Difficulties and Auditory Processing Difficulties  

My daughter was 7 years old when we started her programme at Cluas. She was having difficulty keeping up at school and even though she was well-behaved in class she hardly ever knew what her teacher was talking about that day. She was returning home from school very frustrated. 

After initial meeting with Ronan at Cluas, I finally understood why she was struggling with her attention at school and we were very hopeful the programme would help her improve in all areas she was falling behind. 

After completing the Cluas programme her school results improved. She was able to tell me each day in detail what she learned that day. Completing the Cluas programme transformed our lives. I can understand better the source of her struggle and frustration at school and work with her to help her to reach her potential without being hindered by her inability to keep her focus at school. 

Follow up email from Evelyn’s mum below – March 2022: 

Hi Ronan, 

just a quick note. 

I had a parent/teacher meeting with Evelyn’s teacher and she gave me her score from before Halloween and after Christmas. In English she went from 81% to 93% and it Math she jumped from 53% to 89%. 

It is a massive improvement for her in a short period of time. 

Thank you for all the work you did with her. 

Best Regards, 

Kathleen, February and March 2022 –  Dublin