Eoin, age 8 – Attention and Concentration difficulties

“… People close to him cannot believe the change…. I would highly recommend Cluas to anyone who can relate to our story …”

Before entering the Cluas program our son Eoin could not concentrate for more than a minute. This affected his school and family life, he was falling behind in school even though he was intelligent. Homework was 2 hours long with constant fights. 

We could not trust him alone with his 4 year old sister as he was aggressive towards her. His behaviour was at times embarrassing and often led to us leaving a restaurant or wherever it was we were. ADHD, Aspergers and other conditions were mentioned, but not diagnosed. 

We were recommended to Cluas by our son’s teacher. After an initial consultation a lot of what they were saying made sense and so we put our trust in Cluas. We organised Eoin to finish school early to incentivise him to do the Cluas Program. Some days were hard but with guidance from Cluas we made most sessions fun. 

Today Eoin is 9 and every other day he comes home from school with a star for working hard or being the best at something. Homework is now 30-40 minutes, and his sister loves playing with him now. The people close to him cannot believe his personality change. 

I would highly recommend Cluas to anyone who can relate to our story. 

Adam, September 2013 – Co. Kilkenny