Donal, age 17 – Attention Difficulties, concentration and related school difficulties. 

Prior to starting the Cluas program, Donal was extremely frustrated, almost agitated, in school as he had plenty ability but was not able to apply it and it was a struggle for all of us as a family seeing him so unhappy. His concentration in class was poor thus leading to him having difficulties with teachers. Home/family life was fine.

The Cluas program was suggested to us by a friend and we have not looked back. Within a couple of weeks Donal was much happier and started to settle in school. Most of the teachers were on board but we had to fight his corner as they knew very little about the Claus program. Throughout the program things have gone from strength to strength for Donal, school life has completely changed for the good, his confidence has grown and overall he is much more content.

The care, support and attention we as a family received was fantastic. We are at the end of the program and we are aware that the support if needed will always be there for us. Wonderful program with wonderful people, so glad we found it for Donal. Many thanks.

Sally, May 2014 – Co. Kildare