Conor, age 8 –ADHD, Dyspraxia and Dyslexia

Conor and his mother, Ursula, came to Cluas in Dublin in 2005 where Conor completed an extended Cluas program – initially three stages and then a further five stages in the following year – in total eight stages. 

In June 2013 Ursula decided that Conor’s younger brother would also complete a Cluas program, which started in September 2013. She told us how Conor was now getting on and also some of his earlier background: 

From the minute Conor came in to the world he was challenging. He never slept, he had colic, he ‘head banged’ along with numerous other difficulties. During his early years I took him to numerous natural and medical practices to try to get both of us some help in coping with these problems – without much success. 

Eventually we got a diagnosis of ADHD. He was also diagnosed with Dyspraxia and Dyslexia. At this point my son was finding school extremely difficult and receiving no support or help. Here I need to mention something very important: the choir mistress took my son under her wing. Singing gave him a great outlet and he loved to sing. 

Anyway, his academic studies were very poor. The 11+ exam was looming and he was 8 years of age with no hope. I thought I had investigated every avenue available. By chance my mother heard about a program being run in Dublin for children with learning difficulties: ADHD, dyspraxia etc.  I contacted Cluas – my son completed an extended program. And today I have a very happy well-adjusted teenager. He attends a Grammar school, plays lots of sport, is top of his league in rugby, has lots of friends, is quite mature and trustworthy. He an A star pupil who is popular with both his teachers and classmates. 

From the place my son was at before doing the Cluas program to where he is now in my view is a miracle. My family and friends cannot believe the difference. It is definitely one of the best things I could ever have given to my son in life. 

Thank you Pascal and the team. 

Ursula, June 2013 – Co. Armagh