Cathal, age 2 – Speech & Language Difficulties 

Cathal was 2 and half when we discovered Cluas. He had very few words ( under 50) and his attention was very limited. We had brought him to speech and language therapists from 20 months old with very little progress. 

Cluas has helped transform all our lives. 

Our little boy is now thriving. His language is improving everyday but more importantly so is his confidence, concentration and overall happiness. 

We found Cluas to be a safe place for all of us. Ronan only offered solutions and guidance and never jumped to conclusions or diagnosis. 

He has worked tirelessly to help Cathal in every aspect of his life and we can see the growth and his endless potential everyday, 

Cathal is now 3 and started playschool in September. He has settled in very well and his language skills are improving everyday. He now has 2/3 word sentences with 5 word sentences occasionally. His understanding has increased 100%. He has great concentration skills now and he is learning new skill rapidly. 

We are very grateful to Ronan and his team for their support and treatment. 

Richard, November 2019 – Co. Kildare