Brendan, age 6 – Sensory Processing Difficulties

Once Brendan started school it became apparent that all was not right. He was lost in his school work and had no confidence. He was a very cross little boy. He was diagnosed with a SPD and the Cluas program was recommended to us by the OT. 

We were willing to try anything to help Brendan. 

He is now finished the program and we are thrilled with the results. Our happy little boy is back. His school work has hugely improved, everyone who knows him has commented on the positive changed in him. 

He craves knowledge and loves to show you what he knows. His tantrums are gone or at least are normal for a six year old. 

It certainly was a challenge for Brendan going through the program but we kept it positive for him and bribed him as needed to get it done! 

He himself can see the changes. He now loves school and his teacher is delighted with him and with how much he has improved. 

Thank you Pascal and Ronan for running this wonderful program. 

Claire, March 2017 – Dublin