The Cluas Programmes for Teenagers

Cluas Programme retrains young people’s Auditory Processing abilities and can positively impact on their lives. Our programmes aim to improve the quality and happiness of the young person’s life, allowing them to reach their potential.

The Cluas Programme is available nationwide and the Cluas centre in Dublin is open all year, including school holidays.  See information about the Cluas @ Home programme.

For some students paying attention and concentrating in class is very difficult. One of the main reasons for this, is that some students find it very difficult to filter out all the surrounding noise and sounds in the classroom. This makes it difficult for them to focus on what is important – their teacher. The student may find it easier to concentrate in the mornings but as a sustained effort is required throughout the day, this becomes a problem and the student simply switches off. When understanding and comprehension are reduced, the motivation to apply themselves to school work reduces significantly.

These difficulties can be seen as a listening problem or an auditory processing difficulty. Other students may have difficulty with the written language. Students who have an auditory processing difficulty have to put a great deal of effort into processing the sounds of language. They may have difficulty associating the sound of a letter or word with its written shape. This can lead to difficulties with reading and spelling.

A student who has difficulty grasping mathematical concepts may have an underlying difficulty with spatial reasoning. This difficulty may be due to an underlying vestibular (the part of the ear that deals with the body’s position in space) deficit, which may manifest itself as a difficulty with maths, poor handwriting or balance and co-ordination issues.

Students experiencing difficulties at school or studying

Auditory processing is at the core of learning. Good auditory processing will ensure that students can get the most out of their education and fulfil their potential.

At Cluas we provide programmes which retrain the way in which students process auditory information. Teenagers have experienced the benefit of our programmes in a diverse range of areas, from school based learning to creativity, better communication abilities to improved sports ability, enhanced social skills leading to increased confidence and self esteem, and a motivation to succeed.

Young people with diagnoses of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD and Asperger’s Syndrome, have also benefited from programmes at Cluas.

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