Ronan Maher

Programme Director

BA, Psych. dip. NDT, M.Phil Speech and Language Processing.

Ronan Maher has been working with children with listening difficulties for the past twelve years. Having trained in Listening Therapy in 2004, Ronan has since devised and delivered over 1000’s of highly individualised sound stimulation programmes to help children,teenagers and adults overcome problems associated with Auditory Processing Difficulties.

Ronan has a BA in Psychology (hons), and an M. Phil. in Speech and Language Processing, which includes significant research elements. He also trained in Neuro Developmental Therapy (dip NDT), and also trained in counselling.

“Having started working in Cluas directly with the children, I was in a unique position to experience the developmental benefits of the Cluas programme. Now, as Programme Director, by creating highly individualised programmes – tailored to the specific needs of each person – I see, hear and witness the developments these young people are making as their programme at Cluas unfolds.”