Third level education


Third level education

Returning to education is a very big decision, and a daunting one.

Many people experience;

  • Difficulty paying attention and concentrating for prolonged periods of time
  • Difficulty with literacy
  • Difficulty formulating an opinion or idea and committing it to paper based on material read

At the root of these difficulties often lies an Auditory Processing difficulty.

Our clients have described how following a Cluas program they are better able to concentrate in a lecture hall with perhaps 200 other students – better able to block out  background sounds and focus in on the lecturer.

After a Cluas program people report that they are better able to take in material that they are reading, better able to comprehend it, assimilate it and form an opinion based on the material, and able to this with significantly less effort than previously.

By completing a Cluas program it is possible to develop good auditory processing abilities.

Good auditory processing abilities ensure that people are able to take in information, process, understand and assimilate it and then communicate it effectively.


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