Our ears play an important role in everything we do, from taking part in a conversation with family and friends, to paying attention and concentrating, to our sense of balance and co-ordination. People who have difficulties with any of these, often have an underlying Listening or Auditory Processing Difficulty.

Some people find that the effort required to keep up with a conversation, understand what is going on and form or articulate responses can be very tiring. After a short period of time they find that they start to switch off and the conversation moves on without them.

Others find that the smallest sound can distract them, or draw their attention away from the task at hand. In short, they have a difficulty filtering out unwanted information and focusing on what is important.

Some adults have struggled with life-long difficulties such as dyslexia. They may feel that this has held them back, not allowing them to reach their true potential.

Many people find that their balance and co-ordination has changed over time. The part of our ear that deals with balance (our vestibular system) may not be working as it once did.

Often people find that due to the pressures of work they experience many of these difficulties. They find that the increasing pressure and demands affect their performance at work and the quality of their life in general.

Adults may have unrecognised Listening or Auditory Processing Difficulties

All of the above are Auditory Processing or Listening Difficulties. However, Listening and Auditory Processing can be retrained – greatly alleviating the associated difficulties and allowing individuals to reach their potential.

The Cluas Programmes for Adults

The Cluas Programme retrains people’s Auditory Processing abilities and can positively impact on their lives. People have experienced the benefit of our programmes in a diverse range of areas including academic learning, creativity, better communication, attention and concentration skills, improved balance and co-ordination, enhanced organisational skills, professional performance, and increased confidence at public speaking including acting and singing.

Adults from throughout Ireland can complete a Cluas programme at home, following an assessment at our Cluas Centre in Dublin. See more information about the Cluas @ Home programme.

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