Our Centre Based Approach

We provide centre based listening programmes in our centre in Dublin for children with a wide range of difficulties, such as children with Speech and Language Difficulties, Difficulties learning to read or write, School difficulties, Dyspraxia, Attention difficulties (ADD or ADHD), children on the Autistic spectrum or children with Asperger’s Syndrome. We also offer Cluas @ Home programme, which suits many children and families.

Our centre based approach means that while the children are at Cluas receiving their individual programme, they will be in a small group setting with other children of similar age and ability. During their daily sessions activities will be led and supervised by a Cluas Listening Therapist.

While they are wearing the headphones (through which they receive their programme) they are engaged in constructive play activities lead by a Listening Therapist. The Listening Therapist organises different sensory, coordination and social activities. These activities are designed to help your child develop and give him the desire and ability to communicate effectively.

Re-attuning each child’s programme

The centre based nature of the programme means that we are able to follow each child’s progress very closely and allows us to alter the therapeutic programme as the child progresses. This close monitoring and the ability to alter their programme as the child develops, allows us to capitalise on each step forward that the children take. The close monitoring and the tailoring of each individual programme is a significant part of the reasons why we get the results that we do.

Parents can receive feedback on their child following each daily session from our listening therapists. Additionally for children who are able, we complete frequent Listening Tests in order to track their progress.

Our observations, results from testing and assessments are shared with parents at regular intervals. Parent consultations occur at the beginning and end of each stage.  Senior Cluas staff are also available to answer any questions or address and any concerns you may have while your child is going through the programme.

Programme Structure

A standard programme at Cluas consists of three phases:

  • The first stage is 15 days – for 2 hours each week-day (over 3 consecutive weeks)
  • followed by an interval of 4 weeks (with no Cluas Program)
  • The second stage is 8 days – for 2 hours each week-day (over 2 consecutive weeks)
  • followed by an interval of 4 weeks (with no Cluas Program)
  •  The third stage is 8 days – for 2 hours each week-day (over 2 consecutive weeks)

During a Programme at Cluas, parents (or others) bring their child to the Cluas centre, for a ‘hand over’ to our staff for the daily sessions at Cluas and then collect them at the end of the session. Brief ‘feed back’ is provided by the Cluas team each day after the session; but regular extended consultations with parents are arranged frequently during the programme.

Monitoring of progress and reviews with parents

Your child’s progress and development will be monitored and formally re-assessed at the beginning and end of each stage, the results of which will be discussed during a consultation meeting with parents.

For some children, including children with autism, a number of extra stages of the Cluas Program may be recommended as beneficial for a child. The need for this extended program is usually apparent to us at the time of the initial assessment.

At the consultation meeting at the end of stage 3, recommendations for follow-up and review and possible further stages will be made, where appropriate.

More information on how parents arrange for an assessment for their child and how to arrange a programme at Cluas is provided at How can we help? There is also more information available about the Cluas @ Home Programme.



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