Tomatis Electronic Ear

The Tomatis Electronic Ear is a unique piece of equipment researched and developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis in the 1950s. It is unique to the Tomatis Method and makes the implementation of the Tomatis Effect possible.

The Electronic Ear was debuted at the Brussels World Fair in 1958 and since then has undergone constant redevelopment.

The Electronic Ear is connected to a sound source, which provides mainly classical music for the Tomatis Method. The Electronic Ear acts on this sound and sends it on to a unique set of headphones. These headphones allow the person wearing them to experience sound through both Air and one conduction.

The Electronic Ear acts on the sound source using various sophisticated mechanisms. The effect that these modified sounds have is to stimulate different parts of the ear and effect the way in which a person listens to external sound and how they listen to their own voice.

The Electronic Ear acts on the sound using an Electronic gating system that stimulates the muscles of the middle ear. Forcing them to contract and relax.

A function which allows for the control of Latency time. This acts on the speed at which a person’s ear can adapt to external sound sources. For example a person’s ability to focus on a voice far away or someone speaking in a noisy environment. It also affects their ability to tune out unwanted sounds, the washing machine or a television downstairs.

Another function of the Electronic Ear is Precession control. This function regulates the way in which a person receives sound signals, through bone and air conduction. This brings about a phenomenon described as auditory anticipation, which is important for the correct functioning of the inner ear.

Balance control encourages the right ear to become the dominant ear. This is important because the right ear has a more direct link to the language centre in the left hemisphere of our brains.

The Electronic Ear is used around the world, by professionals – Tomatis Consultants – trained in the Tomatis Method. Our team include three Tomatis Consultants.