RTE Radio 1 Interview with Parent about Cluas

Derek Mooney on Mooney Goes Wild interviews Eddie, Tristan’s father, about Cluas and the progress that Tristan made during his programme at Cluas

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The early sounds which babies hear in their mother’s womb are fundamental to their later development. At Cluas it is understood that some of the problems related to listening originate from early experiences and that from the moment of conception, and afterwards we can manage to shut out those frequencies that correspond to disturbing or traumatic occurrences.

In order to optimise the functional listening capacity of the ear, it is possible to re-educate the human ear and hence our listening function using sound stimulation or Listening Therapy.

The first such centre in Ireland, Cluas in Tallaght, uses this method of listening therapy to help children with Speech and Language difficulties, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and ADD, was founded by Pascal Maher.

Derek is joined in the studio by Eddie, father of 3 year old Tristan who was diagnosed with Autism, and has been following a programme in Cluas, for over a year now.

(Broadcast on RTE Radio 1)