Cluas Programme – Glossary

Air Conduction

Air conduction refers to the conduction of sound through the air! When you are listening to another person speak, you are listening through air conduction. In contrast, when you listen to yourself speak you hear your own voice through air conduction AND bone conduction (See below for an explanation of Bone Conduction).

Auditory Processing

What our brain does with what we hear. Our brain’s ability to process auditory information.

Detailed explanation

Bone Conduction

Bone Conduction refers to the conduction of sound through the bones in our bodies or more specifically the bones in our ears. This may appear strange at first but it is something that we have all experienced.

When we speak we listen to ourselves through bone conduction. This becomes clear when you listen to a recording of your voice (on an answering machine for example). When you listen to your recorded voice it sounds different to the way you usually hear yourself. The reason it sounds different is because you are listening to the recording through air conduction (without bone conduction).

more information on bone conduction

Constructive play activities

While the children are receiving their programme through the headphones, they are engaged in constructive play activities. These activities focus on 4 specific areas, fine motor, gross motor, planning and sequencing and social development.

Hyper-sensitivity to sound

Some people are very sensitive to sound, they can hear sounds like a plane overhead long before other people. If someone is hyper-sensitive they may find the sound of a hoover or hairdryer very intrusive. Often when children are hypersensitive they attempt to block out the sound by putting their hands over their ears (or fingers in ears). Hyper-sensitivity is an auditory processing difficulty which can impede development.

Individualized programmes at Cluas

A specific programme is created for each child, teenager or adult. Each programme is designed for an individual’s specific needs. This highly tailored and individualised approach is most beneficial for the client.

Special Headphones

The headphones we use are specially designed for use with the sound stimulation programme at Cluas. They are of a very high quality and deliver sound through bone conduction and air conduction. We have two different sizes (children and adults). The headphones are attached to the specialized sound equipment by an extended cable, thus our clients are free to walk around and partake in the activities.

Clients do not have to actively listen to the sound in the headphones during sessions. The sound coming from the headphones does not prevent clients talking amongst themselves and to our listening therapists. It is the quality of the sound which is important for the success of the programme.